Friday, 24 February 2017

How to confuse the tourists (and locals!)

Well I was at the Botanic Gardens for the first time in many a year on Monday to meet up with an old friend for coffee. The new cafe is ilex Cafe and as is normal in this day and age, the floorplan of the cafe REQUIRES you to enter through a gift shop. This gift shop is of course labelled as the Visitor Centre but nevertheless has the obligatory overseas made kiwi souvenirs in it.

Anyway at the entrance of the corridor that leads to the cafe there are a couple of visitor information stands including a map of Hagley Park. It took me so long to understand it I took a photo of this map.

The fundamental issue is, of course, the map has been orientated to point East..... EAST..... EAST.
Now I understand that with a physical map in your hand some people might be more comfortable to turn it to correspond to the direction that they are travelling in. But this map is printed on a board inside a corridor with no obvious way to ascertain what direction you're currently facing. I have NEVER EVER seen a map of Christchurch printed this way. ALL maps (tourist or otherwise) available here will have a North at the top of the map. Indeed I would think 99.9% of all tourist maps are printed this way.

This must be so confusing to anyone visiting the city. Why have a map that is different to every other map? And it makes no sense. The focus of the map is obviously the Botanic Gardens and the park. If you look at the shape it is clear that this would fit better if rotated 90 degrees.

So I looked at the map a bit closer and noticed that it was associated with Find:ChCh website. So I visited the website of Find:ChCh and went to the Botanic Gardens and Visitor Centre section where the map is clearly the 'right' way up. Hmm that seems consistent...NOT.

So what happened. Who was the "You had one job" idiot that produced this confusing and ill thought through Visitor Map?? It would be nice to know.

Whilst I was there I even noticed people looking at the map who were clearly confused. I hope someone at sometime makes a change to this map, it really does not make any sense.

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